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The Senate is responsible for the allocation of the SA budget and the recognition/derecognition of SA clubs. The Senate determines the annual budgetary allocations for clubs based on recommendations by the Senate Finance Committee, which hears a Budget Request from all clubs.

The Senate is comprised of 23 members. Eleven senators are members by virtue of their offices in SA, (3 E-board members, 7 coordinators elected by their respective councils, and the Speaker of the Assembly). The remaining 12 senators are elected by undergraduate students during the beginning of the fall semester.

The Emergency Powers Council (EPC) may enact policy and approve budgetary changes (including line transfers), when a situation exists which requires Assembly or Senate action or approval, and those bodies are unable to meet or the delay of such action or approval would lead to a loss, diminution of value, or loss of opportunity, financial or otherwise, for the Student Association and is subject to additional conditions listed in the Student Association Constitution. 


2018 - 2019 Approved Senate Minutes


2018 - 2019 Approved EPC Minutes


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