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Imminent shut down of Maynard stampede stop

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As most off-campus residents may have heard by now, the Maynard Stampede stop between the North and South campuses is facing imminent closure. Students were not intimated till 8/29/2016 about the sudden closure of the stop on 9/5/2016 even though this decision was being considered for a while. This led to many of us renting places near the Maynard stop before the summer break. But, with just one week's notice, it's now too late for us to find alternatives that are within 10 minutes' walking distance from other bus stops. Further, relocation during the ongoing semester will be an impediment to our studies.
Going through the development plans put forward by NFTA, we do realize that it is a long term solution for the betterment of the city. Our only request is that you postpone it for at least 6 months so we (around 300 students) have adequate time to search for alternative housing.

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