The Student Association has three branches of Government: (1) the Executive Branch, (2) the Legislative Branch, and (3) the Judicial Branch.

(1) Executive Branch

The Executive Branch consists of the SA Executive Board who are elected each March. The responsibility of the Executive Board is to oversee and enforce the SA Constitution and By-Laws. They serve as the prime advocates for the undergraduate student body, providing additional events, activities, services, opportunities, and club organizations which help to enhance the undergraduate experience.

The SA Staff is appointed by the SA Executive Board, and approved by the Assembly, to fulfill the many duties required and expected of the Student Association.

(2) Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch is comprised of two bodies: the Senate and the Student Assembly.

The Senate is responsible for the allocation of the SA budget and the recognition/derecognition of SA clubs. The Senate determines the annual budgetary allocations for clubs based on recommendations by the Senate Finance Committee, which hears a Budget Request from all clubs.

The Senate is comprised of 22 members. Ten senators are members by virtue of their offices in SA, (3 E-board members, 6 coordinators elected by their respective councils, and the Speaker of the Assembly). The remaining 12 senators are elected from their respective constituencies (six on-campus residents and six commuter students) during the fourth week of the fall semester.The E-board members and Speaker of the Assembly are ex-officio, non-voting members and are not eligible to become Senate Chair. SA staff members are not eligible to become senators, as it is a conflict of interest.

The Student Assembly is responsible for dealing with issues of importance to the undergraduate student body. The Assembly approves the SA President’s platform, passes legislation, and approves presidential appointments. They also handle student issues, including student rights, activities, concerns, and welfare. Each Assembly member needs to collect 40 signatures on a petition in order to become a member.

There are two periods during which students may become members of the Assembly, one during the fall semester and another in the spring semester. These periods begin on the first day of classes and end at 4:00 p.m. on the fourth Monday of each semester. SA staff members are not eligible to become Assembly members, as it is a conflict of interest.

Download an Assembly Petition

(3) Judical Branch

The judicial authority of the Student Association shall be vested in the Student-Wide Judiciary.  UB’s Student-Wide Judiciary is a legally separate and unrelated student group, which shall have jurisdiction/authority to hear non-financial disputes between SA and its Members, subject to any limitations contained in SA’s Constitution or policies.  It shall have the powers to subpoena, to adjudicate, and to impose penalties, subject to any limitations contained in this Constitution or any rules and regulations duly passed by the Senate and Assembly or the Emergency Powers Council. Only Student-Wide Judiciary justices who are Members of SA may participate in the adjudication of any dispute concerning SA.  The Student Wide-Judiciary may not compel SA to violate any University at Buffalo rule or policy or any binding law or regulation.  Any determination by the Student-Wide Judiciary that contradicts a University at Buffalo rule or policy or any binding law or regulation shall be considered void ab initio. SA Officers, Senators, Assembly Members and employees may rely in good faith on the written advice of a University at Buffalo official as to whether a particular Student-Wide Judiciary ruling contradicts any University at Buffalo rule or policy or any binding law or regulation.

Functions of the Student Association

The Student Association has three major functions: (1) Student Representation & Advocacy, (2) enhancing the university experience with enjoyable and rewarding Events, Activities, Services, and Opportunities, and (3) Clubs.

(1) Student Representation and Advocacy:

It is the responsibility of the Student Association to advocate for students’ needs. Advocacy encompasses a wide variety of tasks including representing the student’ stances on university policies, addressing academic grievances, and sharing students’ demands with faculty, staff, and policy makers whose actions affect students. It is important that undergraduate students have accessible methods to contact their student representatives and feel comfortable doing so. This year, we will be hosting monthly Coffee Cup/Meet & Greets with members of the Executive Board and staff to learn the student perspective and their concerns. You can also utilize the SA Suggestion Boxes located throughout campus, comment on the UB Student Association Facebook page, email , stop by 350 Student Union to speak with an SA representative, or join the SA Student Assembly.

(2) Events, Activities, Services, and Opportunities

The Student Association hosts among the most recognizable events that students attend and participate in such as Fall and Spring Fests, Comedy Series, the Distinguished Speakers Series, Homecoming Carnival, Spirit Week, and UB Trippin’ (which include subsidized tickets to Bills & Sabres games, shows at the Sheas Performing Art Center, and more), Free SA Film Series, fairs and informational presentations, student discounts, and much more. Events, activities, and services provided by the Student Association are student run and organized. It is important for students to know that these are brought to them by the Student Association funded by the Mandatory Student Activity Fee.

(3) Clubs

The Student Association is home to over 130 clubs. There is no limit to the number of clubs a single student can join and no restrictions for joining. The many benefits of joining a Student Association club include participating in entertaining events and programs, developing leadership skills, performing community service, and meeting other students who share in their personal interests. Each of our clubs fall into one of six different clubs councils: Academic, Engineering, International, People of Color (POC), Special Interest Services & Hobbies (SISH), and Sports. To maintain recognition as an SA club, each club is required to complete requirements which include fundraising, community service, general body meetings, club events, and SA participation. Many opportunities to fulfill requirements are organized by the SA student staff. 

Sub Board I, inc.

What makes UB Student Association unique compared to all other Student Governments is our separate Fiscal Agent: Sub Board One, Inc.

Sub-Board I, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation, founded by U.B. students in 1970, designed to enhance the quality of student life at U.B. The corporation is owned by the seven student governments, whose representatives sit on the Board of Directors. Of the 15 representatives on the Board of Directors, four officers are elected annually to preside over the corporation. Sub-Board I, Inc. provides many services that help students in a practical and educational way. All students are encouraged to participate in the corporation and to make use of its services.

As the accounting service and fiscal disbursing agent of Mandatory Student Activity Fees, Sub Board I, Inc. is required to abide by UB policies, NYS and Federal laws, and SUNY Fiscal and Accounting Procedures.

If you have more questions about how SA works, you can consult our current constitution by downloading it here

Or you can view it live below: